Newsworthy/French Apostolic Leader on Insight

French Apostolic Leader on Insight

The Editor Oslo TV
February 21, 2021
French Apostolic Leader on Insight

On Wednesday, February 24th on Insight Talkshow with Pastor Torp, Jan-Aage has as one of his guests Rev. Jean-Marc Potenti of Auch, France.

Potenti is an intellectual who with integrity presents the Biblical message to the diverse and sophisticated people of France. He leads the apostolic network «Réseau Apostolique Nouvelles Connexions», and works closely with Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox, Pentecostal and other denominations for the blessing of Francophone Europe.

Rev. Potenti has a keen theological mind, and was trained at the renown «Faculté Jean Calvin, Institut privé de théologie protestante et évangélique», close to Marseilles.

In the zoom-based recording with Insight, Rev. Potenti discusses with Jan-Aage societal transformation, racial tensions, Charlie Hebdo, the role of the Church and God’s Kingdom, and more.

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