Newsworthy/12th Edition with Dr. Cindy Jacobs

12th Edition with Dr. Cindy Jacobs

The Editor Oslo TV
February 17, 2021
12th Edition with Dr. Cindy Jacobs

A milestone passed today when Oslo TV World published the twelth edition of the Insight Talkshow with Pastor Torp. This has happened in just two months. Every Wednesday, Torp has had reknown leaders and experts from the main Christian streams. such as Catholic, Orthodox, Coptic, and Pentecostal, encompassing even guests from outside Europe.

- The show today with Joseph Akinyele and Cindy Jacobs is special to me, expecially because one of my two distinguished guests is Dr. Cindy Jacobs, who I have known for 21 years, and even hosted twice in Norway. It is good that she chose to share her insights with my viewers, which consistently is more than 50.000 every week, and growing, says Jan-Aage Torp.

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